Welcome to The Alabama Soccer Festival, we would like to thank you for participating in the third Annual Alabama Soccer Festival. In 2013, the Alabama Soccer Festival brought together the best of youth soccer. Last year's ASF was a great success with over 50 teams from four states participating. This year with your support we would like to make the 2014 Alabama Soccer Festival even better. We would like to thank those that helped lay the foundation of this special event. It has been a collective effort from Local Youth Soccer Clubs, Government agencies and businesses that have paved the way to success.

We are very fortunate to host this event at the beautiful Orange Beach Sportsplex.

It is no accident that this event is wrapped around the SEC Women’s College Championship, which is also being held at the Orange Beach Complex.

In the words of Don Staley; former University of Alabama Soccer coach and now Executive Director of Sports for the City of Foley. “The Beach, SEC Women’s Soccer, a first class soccer festival and incredible cuisines equal memories for a lifetime! What Bob Baumhower and his team have helped create along the Alabama Gulf Coast is something special!”

This festival will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the competition of playing and spectating the wonderful game of soccer along with many fun events.

We look forward to another great Alabama Soccer Festival and we hope you can join us on the field.

Until Kick Off,

Jamie Ferguson (DOC Mobile Bay FC)
David Kemp (DOC Dallas Texans)

November 7th

Registration at the Orange Beach Sports Plex 3pm-9pm.

November 8th

First game begins at 8:00am and the last game will begin at 4:00pm.
Join us at the Wharf for loads of fun!

November 9th

Games begin at 8:00am and last game will begin at 12:30pm.
SEC Championship will begin at 1:00pm.